Useful publications for employers and employees.

  • Diversity Champions Gender Transition Guidelines 2014

    For transgender employees, managers and human resource professionals
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  • Diversity Champions Thought Leadership 2014: Working It Out - Driving Business Excellence by Understanding Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Workplace Experiences

    Working It Out breaks exciting new ground in exploring the benefits for business and lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) employees of inclusive workplaces that welcome diversity. Based on the experiences of almost 600 lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Ireland, the report describes LGB experiences at work and how organisations can ensure they are inclusive of their LGB employees. Proudly supported by EY. Research by Brian McIntyre and Elizabeth Nixon TCD.
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  • GLEN Workplace Diversity Guide

    The complete comprehensive best practice guide on workplace diversity and equality for employers and employees from GLEN Diversity Champions. This guide provides information on best practices from recruitment to delivering to your clients and customers. Looking for a specific topic quickly? Please see individual chapters below.
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  • The Economic Case for Diversity & Equality

    A key challenge for companies and policy makers across a whole range of sectors is how to nurture, attract and retain the skills on which they depend. It is a theme consistently highlighted in a broad range of economic development and recovery strategies produced by Government, policy bodies and the public and private sector.
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  • Building the Business Case for Diversity

    A company known to recruit actively from varied communities is likely to be more successful in promoting its goods to a wider market. Many progressive employers recognise the importance of creating a workforce culture that embraces diversity and equality.
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  • Building a Culture of Respect

    Building a culture of respect has innumerable benefits for your employees and the performance of your organisation. Recruitment, training and development, succession planning, equal opportunities policies, benefits packages, treatment of customers and service users — all of these aspects of management affect LGBT staff. In order to create a climate of inclusion in your workplace, leadership is crucial. Diversity Champions can support employers by providing expert knowledge and support.
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  • Recruiting and Selecting Fairly

    Many organisations will already have a policy and set of procedures, plus training, in place to support those involved in recruitment and selection. These can be adapted to ensure they address the challenges LGBT people often face in advancing their careers.
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  • Tackling Workplace Bullying & Harassment

    Anti-gay harassment is demotivating and unlawful. An organisation which effectively tackles these issues retains staff, heightens productivity and earns itself the reputation of a respected employer and service provider. A generally hostile environment can be a form of harassment, even where actions and comments are not apparently aimed at individuals.
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  • Reviewing Terms and Conditions

    In order to ensure that your company is complying with the law and preventing organisational and workplace discrimination, it is advisable to review your terms and conditions. An inclusive policy will offer exactly the same benefits that apply to married couples to civil partners, and equally the same benefits to opposite sex couples who are not married to same sex couples who are not in a civil partnership.
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  • Managing Performance Fairly

    Managing people properly, openly and with respect is increasingly being linked with high performance in businesses. Managers especially need to be able to identify any bias in the way they might make judgements about people.
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  • Establishing Employee Networks

    Establishing employee networks demonstrates your commitment to diversity in the workplace. It tells staff that the organisation values all its people, and recognises the need to bring together staff who may feel isolated or vulnerable.
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  • Delivering to Your Customers

    LGBT people are likely to be consumers of your goods and services as well as your employees.Many members of the LGBT community will support companies they perceive as responsive to their needs.The Equal Status Acts 2000-2008 makes it illegal to discriminate against someone when providing them with goods or services because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
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