Sodexo's Story

Founded in 1966, Sodexo operates in 80 countries and serves 75 million consumers each day.

Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

To further our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in the UK and Ireland, in 2008 we formed a Diversity Council, consisting of senior champions from each of our business segments and functions. The Council works hand in hand with our Diversity team to develop an informed, inclusive environment for all our employees.

Vision for the Future

At Sodexo we are committed to the importance of promoting equal opportunities, valuing diversity and creating an inclusive working environment for all our employees, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT).  We operate in increasingly diverse environments, both in Sodexo UK and Ireland and internationally, and this is evident in our workforce, clients, customers, suppliers, communities and partners.

In the UK we enjoy Diversity Champion status with Stonewall, while globally LGBT is an articulated element within our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy with a newly formed LGBT network.

Since its inception the council has sponsored “Spirit of Inclusion”, our award winning Diversity training programme which explores all aspects of Diversity including how to create an inclusive workplace. The course is delivered to our managers as part of their mandatory training.

Sodexo on Recruitment

We are dedicated to supporting our employees and customers in Ireland and so partnering with GLEN was an easy decision for us and will allow us the opportunity to share best practice with other companies and organisations who are also committed to demonstrating inclusivity for LBGT employees and customers.

Margot Slattery, Managing Director at Sodexo

“For me being able to be out in a work environment that is free of discrimination, has made work a much healthier and positive experience” 


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